This app was developed by Smart Wearable Devices and is one of the most popular apps in the health & fitness category. It can be used both on Android and iOS supported devices. With VeryFitPro's help, you can monitor your heart rate, sleep quality, and many other variables. This app also has a smart alarm clock, which helps you regulate your sleep cycle.

VeryFitPro is a free app and can be downloaded by anyone who is in possession of an Android or iOS device. This application maintains a high-rating of 4,3 on Play Store and 3,1 on the App Store. There has been ar research conducted as to why the App Store rating is significantly lower and we found out that an Android version is much more stable.


•Live steps - Count your steps without opening the app. Perfect for healthy lifestyle maintenance.

•Calorie counter - Watch your daily diet with VeryFitPro. Put in the information on what kind of food you take during the day and receive output on how many calories you need to lose weight daily.

•Sleep time monitoring - The app does all the work while you are sleeping. It gives users information about their sleep cycles, waking-up times, etc.

•Google Fit sync - Sync your data with Google Fit and enjoy related suggestions and offers from both apps.


•Easy to use interface - You will not get lost in this app, it just cannot happen. VeryFitPro features an easy to use, mobile-friendly platform that has a nice, simple design.

•Not much bandwidth needed - Forget about excessive data consumption, VeryFitPro requires a minimal amount of internet data to function.

•Precise calculations - When I first used this app, I was not expecting such precise results. Be it sleep timer, calorie manager, or step counter, everything is perfectly on point and accurate.

•Extractable data - As we already mentioned, your data can be synced with Google Fit. What VeryFitPro lacks in features and settings, Google Fit can make up for all of its cons.


•Sometimes the app does not connect instantly to your tracking device.

•VeryFitPro does not have all the foods listed for your calorie counting pleasure.

•Occasional bugs when it comes to the design platform.

Let's hear what some of the users are saying about VeryFitPro:

"I wanted to write a 5-star review, but unfortunately I cannot do this at this point. This app is unable to correctly count my steps. Believe me, I have tried and all other apps seem to be more precise than this. When I stop, the step counter should stop with me, but it continues to work. When I run, or walk, it's pretty slow to catch up as well."

"I love this app, the step counter has a few bugs, but it's fixable and VeriFitPro promised us that it will be taken care of. The heart rate monitor is something I fell in love with. With this app, I know exactly when and how much I need to rest. Highly recommend it!"

"This app gives me interesting data about my health that I can experiment with. Overall, pretty good app."

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