iHeart Radio is an app that allows you to experience the world of radio fully in just a few clicks. You will have access to music, songs, radio channels, news, and so forth. iHeartRadio is known for its popular AM and FM radion channels around the whole world. It's probably one of the most, if not the most popular apps on any given store.

iHeart Radio can be your best buddy if you are a sports fan. Get the latest news on basketball, football, baseball, and hockey. You are bound to like one of these sports, am I wrong?

This app has a "Perfect For" section that can be filled with favorite songs and artists. Listen to Beyonce, Jay-Z, Eminem, Niki Minaj, etc. You can also choose your favorite stations and feature them on your playlist. The controls are very easy to get a hold of, so, no more worrying about the technical details.

It is a free app that is rated 4,6 on Google Play Store. Needless to say, such a high rating does not come out of nowhere. Apple Store also features this app as a top 10 contender in Music & Radio category.


  • FM and AM streaming channels all over the country (United States). New York, Los Angeles, Pheonix, you name it, you can find and favorite any station you would like to listen to on a daily basis.
  • Build your own channel with enhanced music station settings. You are more than free to choose as many artists as you wish as your favorite singers. Pick a few and listen endlessly with no charge whatsoever.
  • Awesome live sports news: If you like to do more than one thing at a time, then iHeart Radio is a perfect fit for you. Leave on the news and get updated on the latest scores.


  • Easy to use interface. No additional settings to cloud your mind.
  • The app is free, at least for the most part.
  • iHeart Radio does not require a ton of internet usage.
  • Connect to iHeart from your own home, car, or even the streets as long as you have access to the internet.


  • Too many ads inside the app.
  • If your internet is slow, you might get a few glitches and bugs.

Let's hear what some of our readers are saying:

"I have a Samsung Galaxy S10+ and cannot seem to be able to download this app. I have the latest android version, but I'm still stuck after pressing the download button.This is what I wrote in my previous review. However, the latest update fixed this (have no idea why this was happening in the first place) and now I'm enjoying free music all day long. This app is still new to me, I'm discovering more and more amazing features as we speak."

"Awesome app for people who don't like to pay for listening to music. I have had the exact same issue. Pirating is not something I would ever do and going to Youtube to listen to each song is pretty tiring. This app has allowed me to make a nice playlist and listen to it while I'm on the road, or home, or when babysitting my own kids."

"This application is nothing short of amazing. Th station feature is simply too good to pass on. You can even focus on a certain artist and explore all of their albums. Categories seem to switch well too. I have absolutely no trouble finding different artists and music songs. I would highly recommend this app to anyone that likes listening to radio, or free music."

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