Shazam is probably the most popular app in the Music & Audio department both on Google Play and Apple Store. This app is also available for Windows Devices, which makes it universally loved. Shazam launched the latest update for iOS devices and now its users can use Shazam on iMessage, iPhone.

Millions of people have already downloaded Shazam and are using it on a daily basis to identify a specific song or music. If you are listening to a song and would like to know its name, Shazam will probably be your best bet.

Shazam application is completely free to use both on Android and iOS phones. Windows phones also have a free version for Microsoft users. Shazam maintains a regular 4.4 score on Google Play store and 4,9 on iOS Store. It has more than 10 million ratings combined and growing daily.

How To Use Shazam?

Using Shazam is very simple. If you already have the desired music on, just open the app, click the icon button and let it listen for as long as Shazam needs to identify the song.

Best Features

  • It only takes one tap to identify any music and artist on Youtube. You can also get free lyrics to go along with your favorite songs. Shazam also features the "most popular" list, so you can make playlists from the most listened to songs.
  • Create a Shazam account and sync all data between your devices. This app has an offline mode as well, meaning you do not have to have access to the internet in order to identify a song.
  • Shazam is now integrated with Rdio and Spotify. Needless to say, you are free to preview songs and create playlists from both apps.
  • The explore section on this application is awesome. It shows you what's trending around the globe and lets you choose to listen to the most popular songs and music.
  • Connect Shazam to Facebook and share your favorite playlists.
  • Now you can listen to Shazam using your SmartWatch. Just pair them together in order to have full access to controls.


  • Shazam is free to use. Granted, there are in-app purchases and some ads, but the regular version is more than enough to get started.
  • Simple and user-friendly design. When I first downloaded Shazam, I thought it would be difficult to learn my way around. But, as it turns out, getting a hold of Shazam controls is as easy as it sounds.

Sync with anything, be it a smartwatch, another mobile device, or a desktop computer in order to identify songs.


  • A little too many ads.
  • Needs a lot of internet bandwidth.
  • Grants little to no access for customizing the "Trending" list.


To put it simply, Shazam is the best app if you are looking for a solution to find songs in just a matter of seconds. Download the app, play your favorite song, identify the lyrics, and listen to it endlessly. Shazam is also very useful while driving, as it only requires a few one-hand taps to do its job.

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