SiriusXM allows you to listen to more than 350 channels that are being hosted by popular hosts like Jason Elis, Howard Stern, and more. There are lots of categories to choose from. Sports, Music, News, and Comedy are some of the most popular departments included in SiriusXM.

You can also customize your channel experience and get the most relevant recommendations based on your previous search history. The recommendations are powered by none other than Pandora.

SiriusXM is a free broadcasting app that maintains a high-level rating of 4,6 on the Google Store. Judging from reviews, users like it much more than other radio apps. With the latest update, SiriusXM provided a new version of 5.6.4 which is said to be rid of all bugs and errors.


SiriusXM announced that they have made a free package plan for North America only. This service consists of more than 300 freely available channels. Live news, ad-free music, and channels, sports, news, etc.


Music: Have fun listening to ad-free music anywhere, anytime. You are able to choose from many categories depending on your mood. SiriusXM features Pandora, Pop2K, PopRocks, and many more high-quality channels.

Video: Needless to say, SiriusXM also includes a video-streaming service, which, of course, is also free. Get the latest news in HD video format, watch interviews, and get the scores from NBA Radio.

Sports: It does not really matter which sport you follow mostly, there are NBA, football, Baseball, Hockey, and many other sports channels included in SiriusXM.

News: SiriusXM provides a lot of professional news channels in multiple languages. Fox, CNBC, CNN are all included in the news-streaming category.


  • Ad-free music and videos for North America
  • High-quality channels
  • High-definition video broadcasting
  • User-friendly design
  • Easy to use settings
  • Customized and targeted suggestions


  • SiriusXM app takes a considerable amount of internet bandwidth.
  • Doesn't show what is playing in the background.


Overall, SiriusXM is a groundbreaking app that has changed the way people listen to the radio. You can listen to mostly anything on a daily basis, and with high-quality to go along with that. However, if you do not like listening to music while spending some of your internet bandwidth, you may want to refrain from using this app.

Let's see what some of their users are saying:

"I absolutely love this application. Been using it for 10 years now with no issues. Granted, there are minor bugs here and there but the overall performance is as good as it gets. The ad-free music is what I love the most about this app. High-quality channels and user-friendly design is something I can't get enough of."

"Stop searching for an app that is perfect for listening to music. It's right here and it's called SiriusXM. I am tired of going through my phone to find my favorite songs. With this app, I'm able to search and pick songs with just a few clicks."

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