Are you ready to play your favorite playlist over and over again? Ready to get the momentum going?

Finally, it is time to own this application and start playing. In order to play Jukebox music, you have to download the TouchTunes application. You will have the ability to stream your favorite music in over 70,000 bars.

There's more, this app has AI-like software, which learns a lot from your play history and recommends the best songs for your taste. There are handpicked song playlists from which you can choose songs and make a playlist. It can be done by pairing the TouchTunes app with your phone. If this step is too complicated for you, go ahead and make a nice playlist on your phone.

TouchTunes is a free app and does not require you to pay in order to sign up. This app was developed and is maintained by TouchTunes interactive network. TouchTunes has a pretty low rating on Google. 3.7/5.0 is not something to be proud of. However, most of the users like this app and have no idea how the low rating came to be.


•Get free playlist credits.

•Play a DJ's role at more than 70,000 bars.

•You have the ability to personalize your playlists and pick songs that are close to your taste.

•Go ahead and check out the most popular songs before making a playlist of your own.

•The Fast Pass feature allows you to skip bad songs and choose the good ones.

•Great support team. Day or night, they will take care of any problem you might be experiencing.


•Easy interface.

•100% mobile-friendly app features.

•The app never crashes.

•The app never freezes.

•No excessive usage of internet bandwidth.

•Easy, customizable playlist features.

•Does not take much space on your phone.


•Not all song recommendations are top-notch.

•Easy to get lost in the sea of music.


- Is TouchTunes available on both Android and iOS?

Yes, if you are using an Android phone, go to the Google Play store, however, if you are an iOS user, head over to the Apple store to download the TouchTunes application.

- Do I need to pay in order to sign up?

While it's true that some songs and features are premia only, you do not have to pay anything in order to use TouchTunes.

- Why such a low rating?

Well, every person has their opinion.

User Reviews

In order to find out about such low ratings, we dug around and find what some of TouchTunes users are saying. Most of them are in fact pretty happy with this application.

"I don't usually have a problem with apps like touch tunes. Over the past years ther were a lot of bugs and errors, but the latest update seems to have fixed most of them. Recommendations are not precise, because I'm being recommended music from different categories. Even though this app has a great support, there is still a lot to be fixed."

"I don't get why people dislike this app. The interface is smooth and user-freindly. The "popular" tab over the menu lets me discover new songs that I might enjoy."

"I love mostly anything about this app, however I cannot reset the settings. This app probably has a caching system and will not let me start from scratch. However, the good thing is that this app never crashes. It does not even freeze and continues to work perfectly."

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