OfferUp announced that it was merging with LetGo. The users can now enjoy the full features of both applications. This is a good thing for both sellers and buyers. The sellers have the option of reaching more clients and the buyers will get more targeted product offers. Needless to say, OfferUp’s database has doubled or even tripled, bringing together millions of buyers and sellers.

OfferUp is a free app that’s available for download both on Apple Store and Google Play. The android version maintains a high rating of 4.2 with more than 800,000 user reviews. OfferUp is one of the most widely used apps in the shopping category on the Google Play Store.


OfferUp revolutionized local selling. You can easily reach local sellers and buyers and close deals instantly. Take a picture of your desired item, put it on the marketplace with a few clicks, and wait for the offers to come in. If you are a buyer, enjoy the simple process of conducting business with local sellers.

OfferUp has thousands of product submissions every day. Product browsing was pretty complicated at first. However, after the last update, buyers can browse through the picture listings of a lot of items. You can contact sellers through the built-in OfferUp chat. This option also makes sure you stay safe at all times.


● Free to use. You don’t have to pay anything in order to sign up or even add a listing.

● Detailed profiles. Find out more about the sellers and buyers before contacting them directly.

● Automated responses. If you are a seller and cannot stay on your phone 24/7, this feature is ideal for you.

● Easy communication. Communicate with sellers and buyers using the OfferUp chats and call systems.

● Ratings. Quickly evaluate the seller’s profile. Do not trust anyone with negative reviews.

● Quick notifications. Get notified instantly whenever someone is trying to contact you.

● Selling alerts. OfferUp takes it upon itself to notify you within a few seconds whenever the sale is closed.

● Time saver. The buying process made easy, no more separate browsing through the items.

● Bidding feature. Put up an item for bidding and get more money than you were hoping for.

● Social sharing. You are able to share the listings on different social media platforms.


● Sell everything that’s legal.

● Get notified of the nearest listings in your neighborhood.

● OfferUp is an improved version of a garage sale. Swipe through the products in just a matter of seconds.


● Ads.

● In-app purchases.

● Fees (If the sale is closed online).


If you are trying to sell some items from your home, OfferUp is a perfect fit for you. However, if you are a buyer, go ahead and swipe through the items that are being sold in your neighborhood. OfferUp offers a wide range of items for selling. If it’s legal, it is for sale and you can be the first to bid on the product.

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