What is “MeWe”?

MeWe has developed a bad reputation as of recent, but I’m one who goes into my reviews with an unbiased opinion. If the application is good, I’m going to say what I think about it - if you’re worried about marketing agencies stealing (and selling) your data, using MeWe might be the perfect fit for you. I was never the kind of person who worried about having my identity or data stolen, because who am I in the world? Nobody wants to steal my life, that much I can promise you!

It wasn’t until my friend has his identity stolen that I began to take things seriously, and I started with my social networking. MeWe is the perfect solution to anybody who is interested in remaining private, but still wants to engage with their friends online.

Meeting New Friends with MeWe!

You can even meet new people in your local area using MeWe, as it’s meant to connect like-minded individuals with one another. You’ve also got to be at least 16-years old to sign up for MeWe, which means you aren’t joining a platform that won’t be littered with children (thankfully!). It’s a mature setting that I found quite easy to become a part of, as most of the people in my local community were welcoming me with open arms.

Whether you’re trying to catch up with friends from you past, or are more interested in developing new relationships, MeWe allows you to do so without putting your private information at risk. The reasoning behind your need for privacy is entirely up to you, just know that MeWe can deliver when it comes to keeping your personal information secure!

Pro’s & Con’s


A lot of social media platforms (Facebook, Google, etc.) will sell your personal information to marketing agencies, which is why you’re always seeing these “personalized ads” while you browse through your feed. If you’ve ever been talking about a product and notice a related advertisement shows up on your Instagram feed a day later, it’s because these big corporations are always listening. That’s easily avoidable with MeWe, as they aren’t going to sell your personal data to marketing agencies or keep track of cookies to help their conversion rates.

It’s a straightforward social media application that lets you feel safe while connecting with your friends, but there are still a few kinks to work out.


The user interface is a bit wonky and can be confusing to individuals who are using this application for the first time. Not only that, but you’ll notice how many people are still using major social media platforms instead of MeWe - although it’s safe, the hype and popularity surrounding this application hasn’t reached new heights just yet. With a bit of work and some new marketing campaigns, it’s only a matter of time before MeWe takes over as the next big social media platform; but for right now, I think I’ll stick with Twitter.

It’s all a matter of personal preference, and you might prefer MeWe over anything else available - I would say check the MeWe social media app out, but keep your expectations realistic!

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