Google Drive rolled out a new feature that states that files in the trash will be automatically removed after 30 days of their deletion. Before this update, Google Drive would have kept your files in the trash for as long as you did not remove them.


Google Drive is the most popular cloud storage service that’s available today. Google Drive offers its users 15GB of free space and a cheap monthly plan that costs $2 per 1GB up to 30GB for $300.

You have the full authority on your files as far as storing goes. Backing up, sharing, storing archiving different kinds of documents has never been easier. You can be absolutely sure that your files will be stored safely with necessary backups if something happens.

You are also able to create permission for other users in order to allow them to access your files. This feature is widely loved because it does not require switching accounts every time you wish to transfer a file.


● File storing. It’s a pretty straightforward process that requires you to upload files and leave them in folders. No additional actions are required to keep your files safe.

● Share everything with just a few taps. As we already mentioned, Google Drive enables you to share each and every file with your friends or acquaintances.

● Friendly interface that lets you search for files by only typing names. No more lost files, no more worries.

● Permission access. You can set permission in many different ways. Let other users view, edit, or download documents that are stored in your Google Drive account.


● Completely free to use.

● Simple interface.

● No additional charges (unless you have a premium plan purchased).

● No download/upload costs.


● Pricey when upgrading your subscription to premium.


Google Drive does need an introduction or a positive review. Statistics show that almost everyone who has a Gmail account also uses Google Drive. Store, view, and share your files safely.

User Reviews

“I have been using Google Drive for as long as I can remember and still have not upgraded my subscription. 15GB of space is just too much for a new user. Unless you are uploading movies or large media files, the space that is provided for you should be more than enough forever.”

“The only downside of Google Drive is premium package costs. I had to make a few accounts in order to save on costs. 15GB of free space is awesome, but it’s pricey if you want to level up. Other than this minus, everything is just perfect.”

“What a great service by Google. I knew the download speed would be great, but I did not expect to see such a high speed when it came to uploading files. I encourage every user to use Google Drive. If you have the need to upload, store, and sort your documents in an easy way, Google Drive must be your first choice. It’s very easy to set up and use.”

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