ClassDojo presents the features that help connect students, teachers, and families. This app was developed by ClassDojo LLC and is maintained by the same company. It represents a safely designed app that helps connect students, teachers, and parents. Granted, it has many competitors in today’s market, but this app has proven itself to be stable, safe, and quite popular.

With this app, teachers have the ability to inspire students and expand their knowledge tremendously. Students have the ability to share or upload their works with pictures and different kinds of media files. Using the ClassDojo helpdesk, students can receive answers to any question.

ClassDojo is available for download on both Android and iOS systems. It maintains a rating of 4.1 on Google Play Store and is reviewed by more than 230,000 people. Apple version has a higher rating of 4.8 and reviews go up to almost 1.5 million. We have conducted a little research and as it turns out, the Apple version is much more stable than the Android one.

ClassDojo represents a digital classroom tool, where everybody has the right to participate. Each student has an avatar, which is customizable according to their taste. Teachers are able to give out tasks and rate them after the work is finished. Students have the ability to ask questions during the process. This app displays the final work of students on a smartboard, where everybody can see notes and the final score.

Both teachers and parents have a place to participate in the ClassDojo app. Since the final results are shown to everyone, parents can also give a note to their, or other people’s kids. All of this is happening in real-time, thus, enabling students to experience a better learning process.

Main Features

● Parents have the ability to join each classroom

● The translation function enables ClassDojo to translate any text into more than 30 languages

● ClassDojo has a “do not disturb me” mode. This helps teachers and parents focus on the students

● ClassDojo gathers all of its’ tools in one place. Hence, the better use of the whole platform

● ClassDojo creates a huge community of teachers, parents, and students in one classroom

● The only ones able to post material are the teachers. However, parents have the ability to show their appreciation by “hearting” the content

● Setting up the reminders. It’s very easy to set up reminders for parents and kids. This way you won’t have to worry about children missing vital classes

● Parents are fully equipped to track their children’s reports and studies

● Students are able to customize their own profiles, including name, avatar, and profile pictures

● ClassDojo supports just about any device there is. Be it a desktop computer, laptop, iPad, or mobile phone, ClassDojo will definitely work on it.


Overall, ClassDojo represents an app that tries to revolutionize digital education systems. It offers an awesome tool for both students and teachers and helps the kids experience a whole new world of digital classrooms. If you are a parent or a teacher, go ahead and give this app a shot, trust me, you will not be disappointed.

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